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Helping Customers Weather the Storm

We start each day hoping it will go smoothly, but there is no end to the number of things that can knock our plans off course – sometimes in a huge way. Hurricane Harvey, a devastating Category 4 hurricane, was an example of a major disruption to business as usual. After Hurricane Harvey finally moved […]

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Integrated Real-Time Freight Visibility

In the transportation industry, information is power. Maintaining a competitive advantage relies on ordering cost effectively, scheduling based on market trends, optimizing routes for the price of fuel, and beyond. Additionally, the demand to know the “where and when” of your shipment, in real time, is becoming a business requisite.   What is Integrated Real-Time […]

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Dynamically Routing Your Fleet and For-Hire Capacity

When determining the best service and cost solutions for a given supply chain, integrating fleet and for-hire capacity into a holistic, integrated solution is oftentimes the best practice. To do this, it’s important to approach this challenge dynamically. While fixed routing guides for fleets is common, using fleets flexibly based on the availability of backhauls, driver […]

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