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Risk Assessment

A passion for safety.

KAG truck filling tankThe Kenan Advantage Group has an outstanding industry reputation with respect to our Safety, Security, and Emergency Response programs. Each department is staffed with an array of corporate, administrative, and field representatives that are committed to the highest safety standards.

By working diligently to help select and approve the most qualified drivers available and providing them with comprehensive and ongoing training, we ensure their duties will be performed safely and effectively. By these measures, the Kenan Advantage Group assures that we are putting the very best drivers on the road. Driver qualifications and disqualifications include:

  • 23 years of age
  • 1-2 years verifiable tractor/trailer driving experience depending on the product hauled
  • Valid CDL with the ability to obtain required endorsements
  • Meet all D.O.T. requirements
  • Safe Driving Record

Our safety personnel have also formulated official emergency response plans for each organization. These plans are used to guide our actions during such emergency situations.

The Kenan Advantage Group’s Security and Crisis Management Plans focus on corporate resiliency. Both plans are consistent throughout KAG subsidiaries and are in total compliance with HM-232. The KAG Security Plan was certified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

KAG assumed a high-profile role in establishing working ties to the government. Various federal government agencies, such as TSA, frequently ask KAG to participate in pilot programs in order to test and improve security systems in the industry. TSA adopted some components of KAG’s Security Plan into their own training modules.

We are firmly committed to providing the best possible security within our own company and throughout the industry. All of our employees are provided ongoing security training. KAG is focused on the protection of the infrastructure of our nation, our employees and customers through extensive planning and execution of detailed security procedures.

Insurance Coverage that exceeds regulatory requirements.

All carriers of The Kenan Advantage Group are covered by extensive liability insurance to provide substantial protection for the organization in the event of a major accident.

Although our carriers have historically delivered with impressive safety and claims records, we feel strongly that this adds value to our customers and allows them the ability to have confidence that their shipments are being handled by an organization with responsible coverage limits.