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A sulphuric acid supplier sought to optimize its transportation needs to overcome inconsistent capacity and declining service levels. The client's specialized equipment requirements and the need for reliable carriers posed significant obstacles.


While utilizing a variety of small carriers, the client was losing business due to a lack of reliable resources – dependable carriers, specialized equipment, and specially trained drivers capable of handling their product. The client's objective was to develop a strong partnership with a large transportation and logistics company with significant scale, capacity, and product expertise.


A dedicated capacity solution was put in place by KAG ensuring exclusive drivers and equipment for their shipments. A group of drivers was selected and specially trained to handle the transportation of the hazardous product. This solution quickly alleviated concerns about resource availability. In turn, service levels were returning to normal expectations.

Expanding the Partnership

Realizing the success of the dedicated solution, the client sought KAG’s assistance in optimizing supply chains in additional locations, which included cross-border and transloading opportunities.

With its diverse operational capabilities, KAG was able to extend support by utilizing its Canadian operation and its Logistics transloading expertise. This collaborative approach ensured a tailored solution for each location's unique challenges.

Niche Solutions Across Operating Groups

The scale and scope of KAG's operations provided one client with three niche solutions from three distinct operating groups – KAG Specialty Products, KAG Logistics, and KAG Canada. This strategic collaboration showcased KAG's versatility and strengthened the client's trust in KAG's ability to deliver effective solutions.

SPG Case Study Key Takeaways

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