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Kenan Advantage Group Tank Leasing provides you with specialized tank trailers to lease for petroleum, chemical, food grade, dry bulk and merchant gas transportation or plant storage. Our surplus stock of tanks saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new trailer and aids with short-term capacity increases. We offer flexible leasing options with short- or long-term leases and custom order tank trailers are specialized to meet your needs.

  • Our tank trailers are used to transport large volumes of liquids and are available in a wide variety of configurations to handle different materials.
  • All units are thoroughly inspected, DOT compliant and clean, dry and odor free.
  • Our tank trailers are designed for ease of operation and maintenance.
  • We provide leasing options for peak seasons, short-term transportation contracts or other temporary needs without a long-term commitment.
  • At KAG, we understand what it takes to meet your leasing needs.

Contact Rich Smith for Leasing Terms at 234-236-6017 or kag-tankleasing@thekag.com


  • MC331
  • DOT406
  • MC306
  • DOT407 Crude
  • Non Code Aluminum Asphalt
  • Non Code Steel Asphalt

Specialty Products

  • MC307
  • Non Code Aluminum
  • Non Code Stainless Dry Bulk 1600 CFM Pneumatic
  • ISO Containers & Chasis
  • PUPs
  • Lift Gate Vans
  • Soft Sided Flat Beds

Merchant Gas

  • CGA341
  • MC331
  • MC338
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