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KAG Tank Washing provides unbeatable value through its state-of-the art cleaning and maintenance solutions. Our services are rooted in a commitment to excellence, as evidenced by our industry-leading acceptance rate of 99.75%.

Access is convenient no matter where you’re located. Our strategically placed washing facilities offer after hours scheduling to ensure availability and flexibility for all drivers.

Designed with the driver in mind. We pride ourselves in making sure that our drivers have a comfortable space to call home while they’re on the road. Many of our facilities are equipped with a comfortable lounge, where drivers can rest and relax. Our facilities are also well lit and spacious for convenient trailer drop offs and restarts.

The most advanced technology on the market. Our tank washing system is built for maximum safety and optimal performance. The sophisticated filtration system treats water after each use, and our on-demand burner allows us to regulate the temperature of the wash. Additionally our washing facilities are equipped with large high volume dryers to round off the washing experience.

Quality matters. As with any wash facility, quality cleaning comes down to the right mix of time and temperature. Every piece of equipment is washed while observing stringent processes and procedures that exceed the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act standards for safety.

Kosher-certified options are available. Our Kosher-certified wash facilities are audited yearly and we have been thoroughly approved by multiple Rabbinical councils, meaning our detergents and sanitizers are truly certifiably kosher.

Additional support is nearby. Many of our tank washing facilities are accompanied with maintenance services, allowing for optimal efficiency. During the wash process, technicians pay close attention to key items and make sure all equipment is functioning properly.

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