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KAG’s Private Fleet Conversion (PFC) Partnership lets you stay in control and get back to business.

By partnering with KAG through a PFC you gain a trusted business partner who operates with integrity, reliability and excellent customer service. While you focus on your core business activities, we will deliver on our uncompromising commitment to haul your product safely and efficiently.

What does a PFC mean for you?

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Dedicated Driver Capacity: We guarantee specially trained and qualified drivers when you need them, relieving you from the worry of driver shortage.

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Remove Challenges of Regulatory Compliance: We handle the ever-changing industry regulations and compliance challenges.

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Eliminate Costs of Liability, Risk & Maintenance: We take on the rising costs of insurance, and equipment maintenance and replacement.

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Maintain Control & Visibility: Our advanced technology gives you the visibility to see all your loads and still have the power to cancel, change, pull or push loads on demand.

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Eliminate Fleet Management: Enjoy the benefits of a private fleet without the challenges and frustrations of managing one.

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Free Up Capital: The sale of your trucking assets unloads capital for better use in the growth of your business.

Gain a Partner in Success. To learn more about our Private Fleet Conversions contact Rebecca White at 330.409.2137 or

What KAG PFC's Are Saying...

“We made the decision to exit the trucking side of the business once approached by Kenan Advantage Group for three reasons; first the added flexibility of having a nationwide fleet behind our various geographical needs, second was the massive cost savings associated with cutting out the fleet lease and maintenance, and finally the high marks we received from others that had taken the Kenan leap previously.”

Darian Jones, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Petroleum, Inc.

“We had a great ally right here in our county that could step in and do our hauling for us. KAG purchased our trucks, hired all of our drivers, detailed the trucks with our graphics package and managed our inventory. It provided some capital for us to add another store and lifted a burden off of the management team so that we could further develop our retail offering… We have a great relationship with the staff at KAG. They do an outstanding job of handling our hauling needs.”

Brian Burrow, President, Campbell Oil Co.

Private Fleet Conversions

Gain a trusted business partner who operates with integrity, reliability and excellent customer service.

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