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Fleet Conversions


   What if You Could Outsource Your Petroleum Fleet Tomorrow and....

  • Keep the same experienced drivers serving your customers?
  • Eliminate the constant headache and challenge of regulatory compliance?
  • Improve your operational execution through the industry’s most sophisticated inventory management and transportation management systems?
  • Have access to an array of other value-delivering supply chain management services?
  • Expand access to capacity during peak demand times?
  • Significantly reduce your liability and risk?
  • Free up capital for better use in your core business activities?
  • Receive an additional payout for your fleet’s enterprise value?

At the Kenan Advantage Group, you can! We have a proven track record of highly successful private fleet conversions. Let us help you make the right strategic move for your organization.

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Justin Jeffers at 330.458.9909 or Kelvin Covington at 330.324.8072

Customer Testimonials

Southern Petroleum LogoWe made the decision to exit the trucking side of the business once approached by Kenan Advantage Group for three reasons; first the added flexibility of having a nationwide fleet behind our various geographical needs, second was the massive cost savings associated with cutting out the fleet lease and maintenance, and finally the high marks we received from others that had taken the Kenan leap previously. In our research we found not one company that had made the move that said they would do it differently if given a do over. 

Darian Jones, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Petroleum Inc.  

Campbell Oil LogoAs I think about why we made the move to KAG, it obviously evolved over time.  We had always hauled all of our own product because of our mix between commercial customers and retail sites.  We felt it was important for customers to see our trucks bringing in the products.  Then we started to become less interested in commercial users at low margins and focused more on our retail assets.  About that time we had two of our trucks roll over within a year and felt the pain of the repairs and clean up.  I was trying to grow our retail asset base quickly and we decided that we did not need the ownership of the trucks to run the retail business.  We had a great ally right here in our county that could step in, and do our hauling for us.  KAG purchased our trucks, hired all of our drivers, detailed the trucks with our graphics package and managed our inventory.  It provided some capital to add another store with, and lifted a burden off of the management team so that we could further develop our retail offering.  It has been several years now and we have never looked back.  We have a great relationship with the staff at KAG.  They do an outstanding job of handling our hauling needs. 

Brian Burrow, President, Campbell Oil Co.