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Posted on: May 5, 2020

KAG CEO Bruce Blaise Praises Frontlines

NORTH CANTON, OH, April 29, 2020 – Bruce Blaise, CEO of The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. (“KAG”), was recently featured in a podcast for Truckers News where he shared his insight on COVID-19 and its impact on the transportation industry.

While commenting on the podcast Blaise further stated, “I can’t begin to express how proud I am of the attitude, the camaraderie and the true ‘fight’ shown by our employees and others in our industry on the frontlines of this pandemic. This includes the thousands of transportation employees such as drivers, dispatchers, technicians, etc., making sure critical supplies are delivered daily to protect, feed and maintain the lives of everyone.”

KAG is North America’s largest liquid bulk transporter and logistics provider in the transportation industry.  On behalf of its customers, KAG delivers fuels, food, industrial gases (such as oxygen to hospitals) and chemicals (vital for disinfectants and cleaning supplies).

“Although it is difficult to grasp a silver lining from this unprecedented global event, it is so awesome to see the passion and determination of our pandemic heroes on display.  Our people are fighting like it is a battle and we’re out to win it. Without hesitation, they continue to risk their safety and the safety of their families to protect others every day,” continued Blaise.

According to KAG Driver Tim Barnes, “As I was making a delivery in New York, I passed a fire station.  Knowing that I was delivering oxygen to the hospitals, the firefighters stood together clapping, cheering and giving me the thumbs-up sign.  In the past when I would drive by firehouses, I always looked at them as the heroes.  Today, I felt like I was the hero.  I was truly honored.  It made me feel like everything we are doing is worth it.”

While leaving a hospital, KAG Driver Corey Koerner was approached by a doctor in full PPE asking if he was there to deliver oxygen.  “When I replied that the delivery was made, the doctor began to jump for joy,” said Koerner.  “It made me feel good to know what I am doing is appreciated by the ones needing it most.”

“We’ve also seen other great examples such as drivers giving up shifts to other drivers who are supporting families; strangers holding ‘Thank a Trucker’ signs on roadways and bridges; and an explosion of heartfelt social media posts. KAG was built to survive pandemics, hurricanes, floods, fires and everything Mother Nature has thrown our way, but this show of respect for our people and others in our industry is truly inspirational,” said Blaise.

To listen to the entire podcast, go to https://www.truckersnews.com/news/article/15062811/bruce-blaise-praises-the-fight-in-kags-employees



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