Carrying More Fuel in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas, and now that’s true for KAG’s Fuels Delivery operations as a result of the acquisitions of Go Petro and Mission Gas. These Texas-based fuel carriers recently became part of the growing KAG network serving the region and North America.

5c06ace7619e3698ef6778e5 USA Facility Map TexasFuelLocations 01 01“With these two best-in-class carriers joining KAG, we’ve doubled our capacity in the Texas market,” says Gray Silva, Vice President of Sales of KAG’s Fuels Delivery. “We were already serving major markets, including Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth. Now we’ll be able to also serve middle and smaller markets, including Corpus Christi, the Valley and Victoria.”

In addition to a larger fleet and additional drivers, the acquisitions also increased operational flexibility and efficiency. Our Fuels Delivery operations gained new bases of operation, with terminals and shops located throughout the state. Tankers will be located closer to their routes, enabling more efficient operation and faster response. Silva says the investment in these acquisitions reinforces KAG’s commitment to the Texas market.

“We made it clear to customers and drivers that we intend to be a large, long-term presence in Texas,” Silva says. “In addition to expanding our gas and diesel deliveries, we intend to increase our business carrying condensate and crude, lubricants, butane and LP products.”

Silva says customers in the area can expect to be seeing more KAG faces calling on them. To support the increased capacity, new regional sales people are being deployed. Their job is to expand KAG’s traditional focus on larger accounts by bringing in new mid-size customers.

“But regardless of their size, customers can expect the same level of personal attention KAG is well known for providing,” Silva says. “We may be the biggest tank carrier in the nation, but we still give customers the kind of personal attention they’d expect to receive from a much smaller carrier.”

Gray Silva

Vice President of Sales, KAG Fuels Delivery


Gray Silva

Vice President of Sales, KAG Fuels Delivery

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