KAG Food Products Consolidates Operations

Customers used to seeing vehicles at their facilities from Transport Services, Charles Lawson Trucking and Landes Trucking are now seeing a new name. These three food-products carriers have been consolidated as KAG Food Products.

Rebranding under a single brand means much more than just changing the name and logo on the tractors and trailers. The consolidation will mean customers can expect improved services and increased capacity, with greater opportunities for continuous moves.

5dd3fd927030aa979d8202a3 food 1Equipment has been upgraded and standardized, making it possible for any of the over 400+ trucks in the fleet to take a variety of liquid bulk-food loads. For example, Transport Service had trailer connections that could only be used to load/unload sweetener trailers. With the recent upgrade, those trucks can unload oil, yeast, enzyme and other product trailers. This upgrade creates great flexibility and capacity.

Another upgrade that will further increase Food Products capabilities is the expansion of in-transit temperature-control. In-transit heat units are being added to more tractors across the network to provide even more flexibility to the products we can haul.

Further adding to the new group’s capabilities is the opening of a new 12,500 sq. ft. terminal in Decatur, Alabama, that features a two-bay wash bay (refined oil) and a two-bay maintenance area.

Along with the new name, the consolidation of KAG Food Products means more capacity, greater load flexibility and a bigger service footprint for customers.

KAG Customer Newsletter Spring 2021

Tyler Coventry

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