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National Operations Center and Dedicated Logistics

Our National Operations Center let’s you focus on your core business while letting us handle the day-to-day organization and implementation of the transportation, safety, and maintenance operation.  KAG Merchant Gas offers customizable transportation management programs with cryogenic expertise.  Like many of the suppliers of cryogenic molecules, our goal is to mimic and improve their support.   We are focused on you the customer whether molecule producer or end-user.   

In today’s challenging supply chain environment, let us give you the piece of mind that we have a team dedicated to the success of your business.


Our National Operations Center and dedicated logistics include:

  • Dedicated dispatch team for your company, product, or area. 
  • Consistent communication in a customizable format that meets your need. 
  • Monitoring of telemetry
  • Coordination with product supplier(s)
  • Cadence Calls to ensure communication and best service
  • 24/7 support
  • PM planning and coordination

Your customers are our customers.  Communication and coordination are our focus!  

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