Adapting to a Faster Pace Through Technology

Adapting to a Faster Pace Through Technology

KAG Canada prepared for a rebound from the pandemic and expected a strong and steady recovery. But we needed to find ways to adapt our business for the immediate situation.

Long-range planning was a challenge. We often found ourselves having to respond to issues on an hour-by-hour basis. But, to use a sports analogy, our team was able to read the situation and react. We dug in, went to work, and came up with innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs.

First, the large number of people out with COVID forced us to be more innovative with our technology. Much of our technology had been primarily applied retroactively, providing status feedback and reporting. Instead, we adapted and took advantage of proactive capabilities and identified tools we hadn’t been using to their fullest extent. This helped us better plan and use our resources more effectively.

We also took a hard look at our processes and found ways to squeeze out low-value activities, further streamlining our operations.

Finally, we’ve deepened our focus on our people. We have always put our people first. But we discovered new ways to improve how we worked with people. We’ve standardized new or improved practices that will have a positive, long-term effect on our working environment.

Looking ahead, this will be a year for rebuilding our infrastructure. Business demands have meant heavy miles on our fleet. Doing required maintenance on the fleet to ensure safety and road-readiness is a top priority. And, as new equipment becomes available, we will expand our fleet. This, along with our newly implemented technology, streamlined operations and focus on our workforce, will put us in a perfect position to continue growing KAG Canada.

“We dug in, went to work and came up with innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs.”

Howard August

EVP Canadian Operations

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