Customer Corner: The Linde Group

What do customers say about working with KAG?

Soo Young Jung , Linde Area Transport Manager, Central and Northeast talks about the advantages of partnering with KAG.
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Deb Cline and Tim Tibbs of KAG Merchant Gas with Linde Bethlehem Transport Manager Mike Stevenson.

What services does KAG provide to Linde?

We think of KAG as a business partner with Linde. They provide logistics support and services to our customers on our behalf where we don’t have the required resources, manpower or infrastructure. KAG delivers our products, typically hazardous gases including liquid oxygen, nitrogen and oxygen, as well as other bulk gases. They make deliveries to industrial, healthcare and other facilities.

How would you characterize your organization’s working relationship with KAG?
We rely on KAG as our representative to our customers, and they do a fantastic job of making those customers happy.

What sets KAG apart from other carriers?

Like many organizations, we had a strategy of relying on several carriers to meet our needs. We felt this reduced the risk of relying too much on one carrier. KAG served one area of my region, but we had trouble with carriers in other areas, including reliability, safety, lack of equipment and customer problems. We had none of those issues with KAG, so we had them take over the entire region.

There were some growing pains at the beginning of the expanded responsibilities, but that’s to be expected in any business relationship. We got over the rough patches, and now KAG is doing a great job of delivering on what they promised in terms of service, personnel and infrastructure.

What else should people know about working with KAG?

I have been impressed with the company’s leadership. They are energetic, dedicated and committed to service. They are very action oriented. When they say something will get done, it gets done. They also seem to have good internal processes and programs to develop, train and retain their people and further build their skill levels. That tells me there will be great people to work with today and into the future.

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