Flexible Solutions for Chemical Shippers

Our customers in the chemical industry get the best of all worlds when they rely on KAG Logistics because we provide the ability to integrate public and private fleets and our national network of other carriers into a single, cohesive Managed Transportation solution. This gives customers tremendous flexibility. Whether they have long- or short-term contracts with other carriers, whether they have a massive fleet or a few trucks, whether they have stable or dynamic capacity requirements, we help them optimize their deliveries by choosing the right assets for each shipment.

Customers in the chemical industry are increasingly discovering how this level of flexibility can improve their operations and lower their total costs.

Optimizing these assets is a complex task. It’s really only possible due to the sophisticated systems we rely on. We have always had powerful tools for our customers, but we recently deployed our next-generation technology to support the complexities of today’s chemical supply chains. Our customers in the chemical industry will be the first to experience the benefits of the recent technology upgrades.

As of May, customers gained visibility into their shipments regardless of the carrier. Whether the load is in a KAG tank or one of our hundreds of partners’ tanks, customers can now use our online tools to track each shipment.

Our system also optimizes purchase decisions. It looks at all capacity available in the marketplace to identify the best carrier and contract for each shipment. This is typically a very manual process for customers, requiring a lot of phone calls and research. Not only is this time consuming, but it often doesn’t find the best possible solution.

Automating and optimizing these purchase decisions is especially valuable in the chemical industry, which is very dynamic. Compared to other industries that tend to have static, predictable needs, in the chemical industry, the location, frequency and distances of loads vary widely, and the ever-increasing use of both dedicated fleets and brokerage capacity makes the optimization challenge greater.

Optimizing chemical supply chains is so much more than merely providing trucks, and KAG Logistics’ Managed Transportation is ready to deliver. In my new leadership role at KAG Logistics, I am looking forward to putting our expertise, assets and systems to work in creating new customer solutions and value.

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