KAG Logistics Extends Capabilities to All Modes

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KAG became North America’s largest tank truck transporter because of a commitment to safety and operational excellence; but for many customers, industry-leading transportation technology and supporting processes are also needed.  This potent combination, delivered by   KAG Logistics, provides customers with more-efficient routing, consistent reliability and industry-leading visibility. Coupled with the flexible capacity needed to meet surge and special-project requirements, KAG Logistics has become a thought leader for liquid bulk logistics.

Those same benefits are available for more than just liquid bulk. KAG Logistics has multi-modal capability—including LTL, truck load, flat bed and intermodal—to better serve customers who have transportation needs outside of liquid bulk.

The result is a far-more-integrated service portfolio that spans all transportation modes, with capabilities that include:

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The availability of these services provides support across all KAG business lines – Fuels, Merchant Gas, Food Products, Specialty Products, Canada and other KAG customers. The offerings will enable them to further enhance and streamline their supply chain. It also makes it possible to simplify their transportation effort by reducing the number of carriers and logistics partners they work with.

The service and technology that have been so successful for KAG Logistics is now available across all modes, provided with an unmatched customer focus and level of service.

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