KAG Specialty Products Consolidates

KAG has continued to add capabilities and scale by acquiring best-in-class carriers across the country. That has been the strategy as Dedicated Transport, DistTech and Transport Service Co. each have become part of the KAG portfolio. These three subsidiaries are now consolidated and will operate under the banner KAG Specialty Products.

“KAG Specialty Products offers customers a highly diverse, multi-modal fleet with the capability to transport a range of chemical and specialty products,” says John Rakoczy, Executive Vice President of KAG Specialty Products. “If we don’t have the assets required to meet a customer need, we will acquire them.”

That fleet currently includes:

·    Bulk and chemical tanks                   ·    Straight trucks

·    Temperature-controlled trucks          ·    Specialized dry van trailers

·    Flatbed with side curtains

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While customers appreciate the range of services that KAG Specialty Products’ fleet of 1,600 tractors and 4,000 trailers enables, they realize even greater value from KAG Specialty Products’ ability to free them from the routine headaches of managing their own shipments and fleet.

“As a contract carriage provider, we assume the majority of operational responsibilities,” explains Tom McDermott, Senior Vice President of Operations – Dedicated Contract Carriage. “Customers no longer have to worry about maintaining a fleet or finding enough qualified drivers to put behind the wheel. That’s especially valuable today in light of the increasing driver shortage. The depth of KAG’s assets and talent provides customers with the flexibility to effortlessly meet surges in demand and adapt to seasonal capacity changes.”

Relying on KAG for dedicated contract carriage also reduces customer liability and compliance concerns. Much or all of the related risk is eliminated for the customer.

“Customers shipping specialty products who are interested in a reliable, dedicated transportation and logistics partner should consider KAG Specialty Products,” says Rakoczy. “By partnering with us, those customers will improve their operational execution, have access to solutions customized to their needs and reduce their costs within our contract pricing structure. And, perhaps most importantly, it enables them to focus on their core business and market opportunities rather than worrying about moving their products.”

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