Commitment to Safety

ELDs Will Aid Transportation Industry’s Commitment to Safety

The last few years have seen many examples of new or better technology focused on boosting highway safety. Collision avoidance systems, blind-spot detection and lane-departure warnings all support safe operation by our drivers. ELDs provide an additional tool that will further boost safety by ensuring that drivers will be well-rested and alert while behind the […]

Leading at Every Turn Group

KAG’s Merchant Gas Group Adds Two More Terminal Locations

It was an exciting weekend as our KAG Merchant Gas Group added two new terminals in Bethlehem, PA and Claymont, DE.  It was all hands on deck as the first load rolled out of Bethlehem on Friday evening, December 8th. Kudos to the entire team-drivers, mechanics, safety trainers, operations personnel, and of course our great […]

ELD Transport Topic

Kirk Altrichter Talks ELDs with Transport Topics

KAG’s Vice President of Fleet Services Kirk Altrichter talked with Transport Topics at NTTC’s Tank Truck Week 2017 held in New Orleans.  As trucking companies are preparing to comply with the fast-approaching ELD mandate deadline of December 18, Altrichter says KAG is has already converted its operation. Here is the link to the full article. www.ttnews.com/articles/moving-elds-carriers-law-enforcement-prepare-mandate

Barb and John

Dedicated Transport is Winner of EPA 2017 SmartWay® Excellence Award

Dedicated Transport is Three-Time Winner of EPA 2017 SmartWay Environmental Excellence Award NORTH CANTON, OH November 14, 2017 – The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. (KAG), North America’s largest bulk transportation and logistics provider, announced its subsidiary Dedicated Transport, LLC, was honored with the SmartWay® Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for the third consecutive […]

Carrier Standout Award

Kenan Advantage Group Receives Awards

NORTH CANTON, OH October 18, 2017 – The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. (KAG), announced receiving awards from its customer in recognition of the company’s uncompromising commitment to safety and operations.  KAG is North America’s largest bulk transportation and logistics provider, delivering fuel, chemicals, industrial gases and food-grade products.   Dow Road Logistics presented KAG’s Specialty […]

Truck Driver Satisfaction

Truck Driver Satisfaction–It Isn’t All About Pay

TruckersReport.com recently conducted a study to find out what truckers like and dislike about their jobs. Surprisingly, pay was not number one–it was actually fifth!   As stated in the article, “Across both new and veteran drivers alike, the leading factor behind job satisfaction was the extent to which their employer’s company culture was “family-oriented,” followed […]


KAG Proactively Addresses Driver Shortage–Implementing Driver Pay Initiative

The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. (KAG), North America’s largest bulk transportation and logistics provider, is implementing a pay increase strategy designed to proactively address the rapidly worsening driver shortage issue facing the entire trucking industry. The program calls for guaranteed pay increases for the next three years to help significantly elevate driver pay to levels […]


KAG Logistics Awarded Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider by Inbound Logistics

KAG Logistics, Inc., the logistics and transportation leader in the liquid bulk industry, was selected as a Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider for 2017 by Inbound Logistics magazine. KAG Logistics joins this annual collection of third-party logistics service providers (3PL) that are the proven elite in the global industry. The Top 100 3PL list details all of […]

Dennis Nash on C Span

CEO, Dennis Nash, and ATA Task Force Meet with President Trump

Eleven American Trucking Association leaders delivered policy message to White House on March 23rd Dennis Nash, CEO of The Kenan Advantage Group, was greeted by President Donald Trump as he and other American Trucking Association (ATA) leaders visited the White House in March. They spoke with President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and their staffs […]

DataTRACK Award

2016 BASF Supply Chain Award

Congratulations to KAG and KAG Logistics team members Rick Cole, Mike Forbes, and Caleb Pugh on receiving the 2016 BASF Supply Chain Award for their collaboration in a web-based, real-time tracking system for bulk truck shipments known as DataTrack. This technology is revolutionizing the ability to track and trace the transportation of bulk shipments, by […]

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