Tiffany and Lonnie

Thanks and Appreciation to KAG Call Center

All too often we get caught up in the challenges of our day-to-day roles that we miss out on thanking those whose efforts help us succeed in meeting our driver and customer needs. Our KAG leadership team in Green Bay, WI sent a letter thanking our Call Center Representatives Tiffany Danko and Dalon “Lonnie” Shambaugh […]

MGG Christine Collins driver

KAG’s Christine Collins – She Drives Trucks

Christine Collins grew up around her father’s rigs and always has been drawn to trucking.  She worked hard to become a Professional Driver–first driving dump trucks and buses, and then, after getting her Class A in 2015, she started driving over the road.  She now drives solo for KAG Merchant Gas.   To read more […]

Private Fleet Conversion Core Benefits

6 Core Benefits of Private Fleet Conversion

Remaining competitive in today’s economic environment requires an honest evaluation of your company’s core competencies. Very often your annual transportation “spend” is a large percentage of your cost of goods sold.   A Private Fleet Conversion (PFC) could be the answer to not only reducing this spend, but also eliminating the challenges of regulatory compliance, ELD […]

Truck Driver Satisfaction

Truck Driver Satisfaction–It Isn’t All About Pay recently conducted a study to find out what truckers like and dislike about their jobs. Surprisingly, pay was not number one–it was actually fifth!   As stated in the article, “Across both new and veteran drivers alike, the leading factor behind job satisfaction was the extent to which their employer’s company culture was “family-oriented,” followed […]


KAG Proactively Addresses Driver Shortage–Implementing Driver Pay Initiative

The Kenan Advantage Group, Inc. (KAG), North America’s largest bulk transportation and logistics provider, is implementing a pay increase strategy designed to proactively address the rapidly worsening driver shortage issue facing the entire trucking industry. The program calls for guaranteed pay increases for the next three years to help significantly elevate driver pay to levels […]


KAG Logistics Awarded Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider by Inbound Logistics

KAG Logistics, Inc., the logistics and transportation leader in the liquid bulk industry, was selected as a Top 100 Third-Party Logistics Provider for 2017 by Inbound Logistics magazine. KAG Logistics joins this annual collection of third-party logistics service providers (3PL) that are the proven elite in the global industry. The Top 100 3PL list details all of […]

DataTRACK Award

2016 BASF Supply Chain Award

Congratulations to KAG and KAG Logistics team members Rick Cole, Mike Forbes, and Caleb Pugh on receiving the 2016 BASF Supply Chain Award for their collaboration in a web-based, real-time tracking system for bulk truck shipments known as DataTrack. This technology is revolutionizing the ability to track and trace the transportation of bulk shipments, by […]

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