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The KAG Support Center is home to the central support staff for all our drivers, field operations personnel, and customers. The professionals in our various departments actively seek innovative ways to better meet the needs of our North American operations.


  • Our logistics group is the nation’s first fully automated, end-to-end logistics services provider. Our team of new and experienced professionals are dedicated to providing high-end supply chain solutions for many of the nation’s leading fuel, chemical, industrial gas, and food-grade companies.


Information Technology
  • Our in-house IT team covers a wide range of expertise including software development, onboard computers, network administration, and technical support.


  • Our industry leading Safety department not only ensures that KAG is meeting its commitment to making safety its top priority, but they are also responsible for the recruitment of our best-in-class drivers.


Fleet Services
  • Keeping one of America’s largest fleets operating safely and effectively requires a dedicated team of professionals with expertise ranging from procurement and equipment maintenance, to inventory accounting.


Sales & Pricing
  • Our Sales team works closely with our representatives in the field to serve our current customers while actively developing new business to maintain KAG’s aggressive growth model.


Other Support Roles
  • Professionals in various other areas including Payroll, Billing, Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Communications, and Administrative Assistants also work to keep KAG the leader in our industry.
Our newly renovated Support Center space further strengthens our position to be the employer of choice.


  • 24/7 state-of-the-art logistics center
  • Fully equipped training and conference rooms
  • Full kitchen and cooking staff
  • Coast to Coast coffee bar
  • Workout facility, including a basketball court and exercise room
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